Silk Batik Painting

Silk Batik Painting:
Making Cards on Silk

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Discover the appeal of the ancient art form of Batik painting!  In this introductory, fun workshop, you will learn how to draw with wax and other silk resists to create your own ONE OF A KIND piece of art.   

Experience the mesmerizing way paint flows over silk to add vibrant color with fantastic results.  Learn to use wax resist drawing tools and other Serti resist methods from an experienced teacher.   All supplies are provided to create your own unique, finished piece of silk art.  Simple, contemporary designs are provided.  No drawing experience needed.  

You will create 2-3 small pieces that can be mounted on card stock or watercolor paper.  Your finished pieces can be used as a cards or placed in a frame.  This is a fun class for beginners!

Materials supplied:  Silk Habotai stretched on frame.  Acid free mounting boards and/or watercolor paper for cards.  Silk Paint and all painting supplies.  Soy wax, batik drawing tools, Serti resist, copyright free images, handouts & supply resource list. 

Teacher will bring irons, ironing board, newspapers for wax removal.  Each student will have a small tea-candle for heating batik tool (to melt beeswax) Small pot of soy wax will also be heated for tainting tool demo.

Saturday June 29, 1-4pm. One session.

Cost of Workshop  $55

Limited Class Size
To reserve your place in this class, please call the box office at 828-697-8547 or email us at


Instructor: Jo-Ann Jensen

Instructor:  Jo-Ann Jensen

BIO: Inspired by my yoga practice and art teaching background, my new series of layered silk paintings have the illusion of 3 dimensions in a 2 dimensional format.  The top sheer layer is drawn in wax, dyed, and raised over the bottom image.  I enjoy capturing the spirit of the piece, suggesting the emotion beneath the surface.  This layering technique allows me to express the depth of meaning behind it.